Pink spinel

February 25, 2017

Spinel is a lesser-known gemstone that is exceptionally rare… far more rare than ruby or sapphire. Like sapphire and ruby, it has good durability and can be worn in ring settings for everyday wear, thus making it a good alternative stone for engagement rings. The best quality gems in size, colour and quality come from Myanmar (Burma.) Other sources include Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Madagascar, Afghanistan and Thailand.

The name for spinel is thought to have derived form the Latin word 'spina' meaning 'thorn'– a reference to its pointed octahedral crystal form. Spinel is often inclusion free, with better clarity than its sapphire and ruby counterparts.

Pink spinel is often overlooked or mistaken for more marketable pink sapphire or pink tourmaline, however this is rather unfortunate as spinel is far more rare. Funnily enough, spinel is often discovered in the same gem deposits as its gemstone rival, sapphire.

Pink spinel comes in a variety of shades including gorgeous pretty pastels, neon pinks and berry tones… something to suit every skin tone! Pink is right on trend for coloured gemstones and is joining blue and purple as the most desired colours. As the current trend is for vibrant, saturated colours, spinel offers the best in scintillating hot pinks.

Pink spinel is a wonderful choice for bespoke jewellery as it’s an 8 on the Mohs hardness scale and is very unlikely to be heat-treated. Pink spinel is usually significantly cheaper than its sapphire counterpart and is a marvellous investment gem as sources are scarce, thus prices are set to keep rising.

At Lizunova we incorporated the magic of hot pink spinel with the cool mystery of gorgeous green emerald as stylishly clashing, complementary gems in our stunning long Manhattan earrings set in two tone yellow and white 18k gold. As recently seen worn by Sandra Sully on TEN Eyewitness News, these earrings are perfect for the discerning gem lover who appreciates the three qualifying properties of fine gems: beauty, durability and rarity.

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