A princely gem for our times

At Lizunova, our biggest gem crush is a lesser known gem called spinel. Red spinel has been mistaken for ruby over the centuries and some of the most famous “rubies” in the crown jewels are in fact, red spinels. Ruby has received wonderful marketing over the past two centuries which is reflected in its price tag. Spinel was for a time left on the shelf, relegated as a collector’s stone.

Luckily things are changing and this princely gem is receiving the recognition it deserves. So many rubies are heat treated and fracture filled while the price of pink diamonds is unobtainable for most people. Spinels remain mostly untreated and have an amazing, almost diamond-like sparkle and transparency while most rubies have a cloudiness due to silk and inclusions. There are many world sources and prices are still competitive, however are now rising quickly.

Red spinel is said to vitalise its wearer's potential energy and increase abundance and luck.

Jewellery designer Maria Lizunova has recently designed these delicately feminine earrings, Lotus, which feature red spinels and peach sapphires set in 18k rose gold. They are elegant and exotic, the perfect accent for boho chic or to add a touch of regal glamour to an all black outfit.