Unforgettable contemporary rings

As all our jewellery, our rings are designed by our brand founder jewellery designer Maria Lizunova and meticulously handcrafted in Sydney.

Since ancient times rings have held a special place in people's lives. The very shape of a ring is highly symbolic - a perfect circle that we put around our fingers symbolises eternity. Signet rings have historically been worn as a symbol of status and belonging. Rings can be an important symbol of a relationship milestone, such as an engagement, wedding, commitment or a significant anniversary. They can also symbolise achievement, something we buy for ourselves as a reward for reaching a goal, or as a token of self-appreciation. Rings are a wonderful gift, for yourself or a loved one, that can be appreciated every day.

Beside our collections, we create bespoke engagement rings, wedding rings and dress rings, in gold and platinum with conflict-free, GIA-certified diamonds and handpicked coloured gemstones.


Florence Bespoke / enquire

Ballets Russes Bespoke / enquire
Venus $6,000
Verona $6,000

Gatsby $7,500

Deux $2,450 $3,500
Embrace / citrine Bespoke / enquire
Viva $4,500

Satellite $2,500 $3,000
Empire State Bespoke / enquire
Tamara Bespoke / enquire

Full Moon $5,200 $5,800

Gemini $1,260 $1,800
Unity from $1,300

Glow $800
Tandem $1,500

Line / men's $1,330 $1,900
Duo Bespoke / enquire

Illuminaire Bespoke / enquire
Duo Bespoke / enquire
Embrace / topaz Bespoke / enquire

Svet Bespoke / enquire
Tandem Bespoke / enquire