Celebrating the beauty of coloured gemstones, sourced from ethical suppliers in Sydney, and hailing from all over the world. At Lizunova, we're obsessed with coloured gemstones, and hand pick each gem used in our designs, from one-off  bespoke jewels to our collections, based on the stone's beauty, rarity and quality. Each gem is carefully checked over by our in-house gemologist, ensuring best possible quality. We love designing elegant and timeless jewellery inspired by the natural beauty of gemstones, and combining them in unusual and harmonious ways.

Lotus $4,200
Lily $7,500

Aurora $9,500

Amazon $2,100

Blush Bespoke / enquire
Dawn $1,800

Embrace / topaz Bespoke / enquire
Deux $3,500

Watermelon Bespoke / enquire

Viva $4,500
Tandem Bespoke / enquire

Gemini $1,800

Tandem $1,500
Orchid / emerald Bespoke / enquire

Tahiti Bespoke / enquire