Teal London Blue Topaz

This stunning gem is a rare teal coloured London Blue topaz. It was custom cut for us by the renowned master gem cutter Doug Menadue at Bespoke Gems in Sydney and is exclusive to Lizunova Fine Jewels. 

The original stone was a whopping 109 carat, unimpressive oval cut with a typical diamond checkerboard. The decision was made to recut the topaz into a rectangle style design and for this purpose Doug came up with a new design called 'Rhapsody' in which he aimed to embody a classic profile and outline with a contemporary and high performance facet arrangement which would give the finished gem strong, crisp flashes of colour and light making the stone "dance".

Now it is truly a most spectacular, one-of-a-kind gemstone and finely shows off the subtle blue, green and teal colours. It is available to be set into a bespoke jewel by Lizunova. Please  contact us to enquire.

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