Rhapsody | Teal London Topaz

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This stunning gem is a rare teal coloured London topaz. It was custom cut for us by the renowned master gem cutter Doug Menadue at Bespoke Gems in Sydney and is exclusive to Lizunova Fine Jewels. 

Natural blue topaz can vary in colour from very pale to inky blue, called London Blue, the most valuable of this spectrum. Topaz also naturally occurs in white and amber colours, the latter, Imperial topaz, is highly prized. Blue topaz never crosses into the green spectrum, and this teal-coloured wonder is a true gift of nature.

The original stone was a whopping 109 carat, but an unimpressive oval cut with a typical diamond checkerboard. Menadue designed a cut especially for this remarkable gem, to optimize light and accentuate the vibrant colour. The new, crisp rectangular octagonal cut, named Rhapsody Lizunova Variation, brings out the best of this magnificent gem, with strong flashes of teal throughout its beautiful, 68.6 carat form

Now it is truly a most spectacular, one-of-a-kind gemstone and finely shows off the subtle blue, green and teal colours. Now set in a bespoke Art Deco inspired Rhapsody necklace in platinum and diamonds, this beautiful gem is shown off to its fullest.